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Flo Chase is an award-winning 22 year old male singer-songwriter, musician, and model currently living in Sydney, Australia. Originally from France, he initially moved to tropical Queensland in 2007 in order to pursue his musical ambitions. Music has always been a fundamental part of his life and he first discovered his set of soprano lungs and plucked a plectrum on his guitar from the age of 10.


Flo’s lifelong goal is to become a recognised, active and head-turning artist and building up an assortment of his covers that do not pinpoint to a specific sound but rather one that opens his listeners up to an ingenious, intriguing and tantalising experience like no other. No wonder, he’s already garnered a largely loyal following through self-promotional presence in social media.

‘Le Debut’ by Flo Chase

Flo Chase debut single ‘Lonely River’ is out now and available for purchase on iTunes. Stay tuned for special announcements and get to know Flo a little better by following him on his various social media platforms. Flo is really excited for you all to hear what he has been working on and will be forever grateful of your ongoing support!